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I have been a Milwaukee Brewers fan for over thirty years, and I am convinced that the Brewers need a new look.  To that end, I have created two new identity proposals for the ball club.



1. We desperately need it.

As much as it pains this Brewer fan to say it, the Brewers have one of the worst looks in all of Major League baseball.  The cap logo is terribly unbalanced, the team script is skewed and slightly goofy.  Around the league, it is derided for being a copycat of the Miller logo.  Milwaukee has a great baseball history, but you wouldn't know it from what this team wears.

That the "Retro Fridays" have been so successful speaks volumes about the fans' opinions of the current logo and uniforms.
2. A new logo is an opportunity to connect with the past.

Baseball, more than any other sport, hearkens back to a gentler yesterday.  One of the great strengths of baseball is its past, its heritage, its tradition.
3. A new logo is a sign of better times to come.

As the Brewers begin their climb out of the National League cellar, it is time for the club to adopt a new visual identity.  The current look was no doubt created to spur interest in the club, a new look could do the same.

In addition, banishing "Milwaukee" to the sleeve sends a very bad message to the fans.  I don't believe that the team is embarrassed about coming from the smallest city in the Majors, but that's an easy inference to draw.  A new uniform is a great way to reconnect with the city and with the fans.
4. It will result in increased merchandising revenue.

In previous seasons, I would buy a new cap and jersey every year.  Since the current logo was adopted, I haven't bought any new Brewers merchandise.  If I, as a lifelong fan, won't buy a cap, jersey or a jacket, why would anyone else?

An informal survey of the sports merchants around Milwaukee indicated that I'm not alone in this.  Much (if not most) of the Brewers merchandise being sold bears a logo and color scheme other than the one the team wears on the field every day.  The clubhouse stores, in Brookfield Square and in the park itself, further confirm it.  The online shop is loaded with throwback merchandise.

I hate to even envoke monetary concerns, but I understand how the business works.  While I don't think that money should be the primary motivator behind a change of identity, it's clear that a bad choice was made in the name of profit.  Perhaps a very good choice may also be made in the name of profit.



Adopting a new uniform and logo will not be a financial burden to the club.

Virtually all the signage around Miller Park is "logo-neutral." Very little of it reflects the current color scheme, logo or wordmark, and consequently very little of it would have to be changed.
In addition, the majority of the items that would need to be changed are consumables (from letterhead in the offices to the uniforms on the field) and would have to be replaced eventually. Existing supplies could be used up in anticipation of the change to come.
Finally, any cost would be more than offset by the upswing in merchandising revenues.



I have created two separate concepts for the Brew Crew.  The links below will take you to my proposals.  Enjoy!

Proposal #1
  Proposal #2
"The New Classic"